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Somebody's Daughter Book Launch

Over the weekend, I joyously marked the launch of my debut full-length poetry collection, Somebody’s Daughter. Surrounded by an abundance of love from family, friends, and colleagues at The VORTEX, the atmosphere was serene. With the wonderful Indiia Wilmott as our MC, the event featured an array of talented Black poets – Mirakol Jade, K.C. Breedlove, Chris Formey, Sariya Harris, Dalanda, and Alexandria Collins – each performing poems around the theme of childhood. Their generous words, reflecting on my commitment to friendship, competitive spirit in slams, the often-overlooked accomplishment of my master’s degree, and my advocacy within our community, moved me to tears. Especially poignant was when my mentee, Alexandria Collins, took the stage to share a brand-new poem. Clothed in a vibrant green satin dress with my locs adorned in colorful pearls, I basked in the glow of hot pink light, highlighting the glitter dusted on my cheeks. In that luminous moment, I realized that the relentless effort poured into my craft since childhood, as just somebody’s daughter, had not been in vain. My sincere appreciation extends to The Black Spring Press Group for their unwavering support throughout this journey. This book of poetry is not just a publication but a work of art. My greatest aspiration is for my words to resonate deeply with readers, forging a connection where our shared stories intertwine.

Photos by Dave Alexander Silva (@d.a.s_fotograph on IG)

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